Mike Haberthier gave the name of the club to us in the month of May 1994. Lou Probst designed our logo.

Our group has decided to form a club dedicated to the promotion of model aviation. A club free of unnecessary rules, to be able to work on our own using common sense. Meetings will be from time to time when problems come up, or members wish to meet to be able to vote on something, the majority rules. We want to be able to come and fly or work whenever you want. We have a mixture of retired members and working members, which makes it very nice for the club. That way there is someone around most every day to watch the field and get things done, like cutting grass and other maintenance to keep the field in shape. For us retired guys it is great, when it rains we build and repair, when the sun shines we fly, always have something to do that we enjoy. Not to mention, the fun and laughs, we have.

In the summer of 1994 we were at Wayne's sod field on Pin Hook Rd. We were not a club as of yet. We moved from that location due to a neighbor complaining. In the fall of 1994 we became a club. Our next field was south Wayne's about two miles. The land was owned by Curl Summe. We were at that location for one year however, after we had a falling out with Mr. Summe. We left this location also. In 1996 our third field was on land owned by Richard Stewart on Browser Rd. We had this field for one year and then acquired a field on Carolina Trace. That belongs to a Mr. Seafeman. In 1997, we moved again due to the fact we acquired a field given to us by Cinergy Utilities. After two years we had to move to where we are now located. We currently have 68 members. 

After two years we moved to Mount Nebo Road. In 2008, Duke Energy informed us that we needed to relocate to their property on Miamiview Road. We were very fortunate to be offered this location on Miamiview Road by Duke Energy. In November 2008 we started the preliminary work for this major task of transforming a 135 acre field into our new airfield site. In 2009 many accomplishments were made on the relocation.  The official first flight took place in the spring of 2010.